The Brand

Mai milk is one of the largest dairy farm of central India. They produce farm fresh milk  and cows are milked at an automated milking parlour. They want to take there farm fresh milk straight from their farm to consumer house. 

ios User application and experience interface

Mai Milk 


Daily needs like milk are critical every morning for household and it is extremely important to have timely delivery system. Design a product(app) which focuses on only farm fresh milk product that caters to regular delivery of milk at consumer door step. 



  • Mai milk dairy farm produces only pasteurised raw milk in central India. 

  • They want to supple their product only in Nagpur

  • They will manage the inventory and delivery of the products.

Identifying the target group


  • To understand the dairy market of the city and gain insights

       related to competitor’s strategy, consumer needs and wants,         Market structure and others.

  • To identified premium locations in the city which also included Retailers, Super Markets, Distributors and other public Places.

  • To understand the existing milk products and brands, their pricing strategy, packaging, distribution methodology, marketing activities and consumer satisfaction in Nagpur

Objective of study 

  • How is the existing milk products in the Nagpur Market?

  • How milk plays an important role in people’s daily life?

  • What are the sources people buy milk from?

  • What is the buying pattern “quantity, frequency or timing”?

  • What time do they consume or buy milk (morning/evening)?

  • How do they like to make payments?

  • Are they having any pain points/ struggles regarding the purchase or the product?

User research

To conduct a quantitative research study picking the right set of users plays a very important role. At this stage, I decided to define personas to proceed ahead with research activity as follows:

Family / Married

Single /  Working professionals




  • Age

  • City

  • Profession

Buying behaviours


  • Do you purchase milk?

  • Do you purchase it regularly?

  • Do you prefer online order or shop purchase?

  • Do you purchase same quantity?

  • What time do you prefer for order/purchase of milk?

Payment & Subscription


  • Do you pay daily, monthly or yearly?

  • What mode of payment do you prefer?

  • Would you join subscriptions?

Retailer questions


  • Would you market raw pasteurised

        milk (low shelf life)

3 Families | 2 single | 2 retailer

We order milk based on our requirement for eg: if someone is visiting our home. Then we have to go and purchase more milk. It would be good if we can preorder or cancel milk quantities.

All members in our family go out for work so it is very important to get the milk on time in morning.

As we sometimes have change in ordering milk quantity, it is difficult to keep a track of orders.

Raw pasteurised milk have low 

life. It causes loss of inventory.

I prefer ordering milk online as I don't require milk on regular basis

I prefer online payment as I keep on traveling and it is difficult to keep a track of all the orders and take time to go and pay bill to vendor.

Consumer behaviour analysis

Purchase location analysis

48% people prefer to have home delivery option

Purchase Raw pasteurised Milk

87% of the consumer would have the raw untouched pasteurised packed milk

Preferred delivery time

89% of the consumer would prefer milk in morningpasteurised packed milk


Home Delivery




Morning (5am - 8am)

Retailer willing to accept raw fresh untouched pasteurised milk

More than 50% of retailers are not ready to sore newly introduced milk brand in their shops because they have already a saturated customer base for particular brand. Also, there is a risk of inventory cost for new brand.


Morning (5am - 8am)


Local shop




Evening (6pm - 9pm)


Evening (6pm - 9pm)


Super Market

Key Insights

The overall research study was around “How do people arrange milk for their daily needs” that helped me to empathise with users their mental model, struggle & pain points and to uncover most of the unknown facts are as follows:.

  • Most of the users prefer to buy milk every day from their nearest vendor due to quick delivery and availability.

  • Users those are working / living alone are comfortable buying milk using online sources due to lack of time.

  • Users those are living with family prefer to buy milk in the morning. On the other side users, those are living alone prefer to buy milk in the evening after reaching home. Not a fixed pattern.

  • Most of the users prefer cash for the offline purchase and many users prefer online or Pay on Delivery payment modes due to having an option of tracking expenses.

  • Every user has different quantity buying pattern due to having a different number of family members.

  • Most of the users are not likely to compromise on the delivery time.

  • Retailers are reluctant to keep raw unprocessed milk due to low shelf life.

Design directions

  • To create an online mobile application based on retailers studies.

  • To create Interactive dashboard for weekly, monthly or yearly milk consumption details and outstanding bill payment info

  • Provision of editing subscription

  • Summarised information of previous bills, recent payments, bill summary

Mapping user journey

I came up with a subscription-based post-paid model. Where users have complete freedom to make choices of quantity, frequency, delivery type, time and payment options along with immediate cancellation and expenses tracking. Which is quite similar to the users’ existing mental model and would have higher chances of the acceptability.




















Information Architecture

For creating IA, I first plotted possible scenarios in terms of tangible world. Then I plotted these scenarios based on importance v/s frequency. Functions which were high on importance or were very frequently used were given secondary priority. 

Typography & Colors

Primary color

Secondary color

Typography colors

High fedility wireframe

Walk through splash screen

Login screen

Register if you are new to the app. Separate login for each customer to monitor their milk delivery details.

Contact verification

Bar menu interaction

Home Page

  • Interactive dashboard for monthly milk consumption details 

  • Payment of outstanding bills and invoicing within the app

  • Summarised info on previous bills, recent payments, bill summary

Interactive Product Page

View product details

Subscription interaction

Payment screens

View subscription / order

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