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Uttara Ghodke - Product designer

Link is a live UI/UX and Product Design project in collaboration with Gupte Hospital in Pune, India. This involved redesigning their entire internal communication system. 

Gupte is a true women hospital, offering breakthrough treatments and unsurpassed commitment to patients. 

Link is a customised communication system for Gupte hospital which includes an application, bell and paper design, Link improves the communication efficiency of the hospital.

My role

Field and desk research, conduct interview, analysis, ideation and validation,wireframe, CAD and renders

System map

System and Stakeholder Map




  • Installed in patient room.

  • Pressed by patient when for following requirements

  1. Room cleaning

  2. Medical help

Bell System


Nurse attends the patient once bell is pressed and notes the task that needs to performed and informs maid or doctor if needed.

Design considerations

The nurse do not have any notification system for them to remember medication timing.

Digitising patient record maintenance

Hand written prescriptions and patient records are hard to maintain and inconvenient.

Prominent indication

No prominent indication whether nurse or maid is required in the room.

Notification and alert 

Link Application

Link Pager

Link Bell

The below product is a digital prescription(tablet) which is placed inside the patients room. Each patient has her details in this database which is in sync with the main computer on the floor. This can be viewed and updated by physicians over a Bluetooth wireless connection. The device with the nurses are synchronized from this main device.

Link Application

Bluetooth technology

The two part devices interact with each other via Bluetooth. The Bluetooth transfers occur at a high frequency (about 2.4GHz) which is very fast , efficient and useful for short range operations. The nurse’s device is synced whenever any changes are made in the prescription. All the devices are further linked to the main computer in the hospital. The new patient option erases the old patient data, but the records are kept safe in the main computer. Maximum 5 nurse devices can be linked with a single digital prescription.

The product has alarm(with vibration) which reminds the nurses to provide proper medication to the patients.

Link Pager

Link Bell

The product is designed in such a way that it will  differentiate between room cleaning and personal care. The dark button is for personal care and the light one for room cleaning. 

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